daddo illustrations

-Fine Art-

All Daddo’s works are giclee printed at AC Cooper Studio (currently working for most famous galleries in London) on 330gr water colour paper in limited (rarely unlimited) editions. Here a selection of what is available organized, to be more enjoiable, in galleries.

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All drowings are…

…giclee printed on 330gr watter colour paper

..all signed.

all numbered (when the copy is part of Unlimited Editions is clearly written on each copy)

Big Prints
Rarely Daddo had also made bigger drawings, They are shown separately also because they do not stick to daddo’s usual topic.

big prints

Unlimited Editions
Same of Daddo’s works are printed in UNLIMITED EDITIONS. That means same quality, paper and care used for other works but no limits at number of copies available. This is becasue some of them are part of bigger works made for particolr events.


Inspired by Bela Bartock Concerto per Orchestra’ followed an interesting sequence of drawings

Sailing in the storms

Inspired by the astonishing immages from Vandee Globe reagatta (all around the workd) where super modern sailing boats compite.

The Sea of the Sparks

The most populated between Daddo’s galleries. Probably that which he is the most attached.