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-Digital Artist-

Here are Daddo’s works, passions, dreams. A 360′ panoramic view of Daddo’s word. You can find services provided, his experiences as artist, the way he works and the a calendar of Daddo’s activities, a blog about his daily routine, few galleries with his sketches and his online shop to buy if interested.

If needed do not hesitate to contact Daddo.

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Rarely Daddo had also made bigger drawings, They are shown separately also because they do not stick to daddo’s usual topic.

A new page has been added in the web site. This is the Unlimited Editions collection of Daddo’s works. Please have a look and do not hesitate to contact DADDO using the button below.


Chickenpox. The little one, Artu' has chickenpox, and it is a week I'm stack at home. Can't do much. Now he is better and it is the first day that, even been at home, he lets me working a little bit.  Chance to add something at the blog and to start to work on other...

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100 vignette

After I've been stuck because of a bad flue, and half term break of the school I can work again. Some spell check on the site... and finally on a project I really love. "100 Vignette"... Renaissence.. but I can not say much more than that. DADDO Dopo esser stato...

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almost complete

'Given my projects are rarely done in one shot the new web-site is at good point of development. Sure, lot of things to add, spell check to be done... so far, I'm happy. Oi.. working as web designer can be a real pain. Remember to be thankfull to those really working...

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