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-Digital Artist-

Here are Daddo’s works, passions, dreams.
A 360′ panoramic view of Daddo’s word. You can find services provided, his experiences as artist, the way he works and the a calendar of Daddo’s activities, a blog about his daily routine, few galleries with his sketches and his online shop to buy if interested.

A short overview

Qui e’ dove puoi trovare la maggior parte dei lavori di Daddo organizzati in gallerie tematiche

Here you can find most of Daddo’s works.
Arrenaged in Galleries.

Qui sono raggruppati i lavori commissionati da accedemici e ricercatori

Here are gathered commisions from accademics and researchers

I lavori di Daddo come grafico

I lavori di Daddo come grafico

Daddo works as graphic designer.

Qui sono reggruppati Scenari,idee, progetti o intuizioni (scintille?) a differenti stadi di sviluppo… quasi mai completi.

Here it is where Daddo’s landscapes, ideas, sparks and projects at different stage of development are available to be seen…. most of the time unfinished.

Rarely Daddo had also made bigger drawings,
They are shown separately also because they do not stick to daddo’s usual topic.

 Unlimited Editions collection of Daddo’s works.

If needed do not hesitate to contact Daddo.

#AIR goes on

'#AIR goes on... I'm working/writing/drowing the story. It is not easy. The story goes on in my mind and the drawings are always behind. At the same time while drawing I re elaborate and change the story. It's just a very slow process and some time I'm impatient to...

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back on my …”studio”

"I finally come back on my 'Studio' (which is a tiny micro space... just the computer) and I can put my hands on my works!! Happy, really happy! Let see How it goes the day." DADDO "Sono tornato finalemente nel mio 'Studio' (che poi sarebbe uno spazio microscopico......

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Chickenpox. The little one, Artu' has chickenpox, and it is a week I'm stack at home. Can't do much. Now he is better and it is the first day that, even been at home, he lets me working a little bit.  Chance to add something at the blog and to start to work on other...

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