This section of the website is all about “AIR”.
It is kind of scenario that lives in Daddo’s mind since rally long.

“ I think I was still at University, at the faculty of Architecture in Rome. Often, while drawing my layout for an exam, my mind was wondering, sketching these characters. Laterally ON THE LAYOUT for the exam. Sometimes I had to spend the night before the exam rubbing these sketches from the layouts… And sometimes I even missed someone. Finding myself showing the layout with these puppets coming out a technical drawing, or popping behind an elevation. Making laugh the Professors themselves while discussing the project during the exame”.

Different kind of drawings and sketches make the body of this scenario. Going through this section you will discover how Daddo works, what is the workflow, how from the spark of an idea the works flows up to arrive in a page of a story. Here are shown divided in categories: those that have been made directly with the graphic tablet, the freehand sketches, the layout that leads to a page.