board game design… working really hard on it

So… it’s been a while, and today there are far to many platform to update continuously. On boardgame design I am working on: Historical Fencing: kind of print and play using materials you may have a home like a chessboard, a deck of French cards and staff like that. Freeclimbing… it been there for long. […]

Sailing Star… sempre di più!

Allora, sul sito ho finalmente aggiunto tutti i pezzi che servono per giocare alla versione Print & Play del gioco Sailing Star Questa è una versione adatta al match race. Due barche una contro l’altra. Piano piano proverò ad aggiungere delle spiegazioni aggiuntive. daddo

Regolamento e componenti da scaricare in PDF

“Ho appena messo sulle varie pagine FB il posto in cui annuncio di aver messo a disposizione i pezzi per giocare a Sailing Star in versione P&P/P&P… vederemo il feedback.” Daddo

new components….

it is an endless passion. Lot of fun. Your creativity always challenged with the struggle of a continuous reality check. I admit boardgame design is becoming and addiction. An then you start to see sparks and potentialities everywhere. Look at what I got: blanked faces dices… Just this can make me crazy. DADDO

It is time to…. Board Game Design

is it coming a new chapter? “To tell the true I am really tempting. Somewhere I read.. -that the only way to reach your personal success is to cultivate your passion!- Now, I think that also between those that know me better, just few of my friends know my passion to Design Board game. Now, […]