The Jeffers

“In this new section are shown some sketches I made while ago. It was 2014/2015, and I  was often collaborating with a good friend mine in Italy: Chiara Graziani. Chiara is a Psychologist of young age children. For a while we tried to use the Jeffers, a strange kind of potato with seven legs, one […]

Going crazy for #Lunarossa

It is a real surprise, first, for my self. I am REALLY going crazy for this America’s Cup. Also, seams the hand has find its own challenge. The challenge it likes. I can not do much but witnessing. (and have fun) Daddo

Go #lunarossa GO!!!

“I can not believe but I am going crazy for Luna Rossa and the America’s Cup. Very crazy!  Now they entered the last round of regattas. The real America’s Cup. My way to be part of all of this is… SKETCHING (what else?) Here some them… Daddo “Eolo and Poseidon helping… are they? I made […]

Now forward…

“Cico Mendez. A very old friend of mine, very well used traveler of strange kinds of… dusty worlds. Let see if I manage to tell a story about his life. He has, for now, clearly left a good friend behind. With the silent agreement that they will find a way to rejoin… although, where they […]

the NEW… is going backword

This happens to me al the time. I start something and than I start wondering: where does it come frome?   And I end going backword. But, after a litle bit of thinking, I decided to publish… everything I put on “paper”. DADDO

new challange

“Here I am. A new challenge: while ago a did a sketch in b&w (acqtualy was “seppia”). And a friend via facebook said: I would lika to see it in wotar colours!!! Lets see.” Daddo

I found it!!!!

“I can not tell how happy I am I found this folder. I lost track of it while moving from London. These are all the sketches I made for ”air” (yes yes… another of my endless projects). But in those sketchbooks there are l don’t know how many hours of drowning, wondering, exploring. And the […]

Si riparte, RESTART.

He .. e sarebbe il caso di ricominciare a ”volare” I just really miss the time I spent on my sketches. And there ara lots of projects that are just waiting to be pushed on.