board game design… working really hard on it

So… it’s been a while, and today there are far to many platform to update continuously. On boardgame design I am working on: Historical Fencing: kind of print and play using materials you may have a home like a chessboard, a deck of French cards and staff like that. Freeclimbing… it been there for long. […]

Sailing Star… sempre di più!

Allora, sul sito ho finalmente aggiunto tutti i pezzi che servono per giocare alla versione Print & Play del gioco Sailing Star Questa è una versione adatta al match race. Due barche una contro l’altra. Piano piano proverò ad aggiungere delle spiegazioni aggiuntive. daddo

Going crazy for #Lunarossa

It is a real surprise, first, for my self. I am REALLY going crazy for this America’s Cup. Also, seams the hand has find its own challenge. The challenge it likes. I can not do much but witnessing. (and have fun) Daddo

Teaching at University of Groningen (Campus Fryslân)

Daddo Teaching

This came as an absolute surprise. Some of you already know we moved to Groningen (NL) last August. Now… of course Netherlands has lots to offer., kind of 360° wide… but I could never imagine what has happened to me recently. Via my partner I have been contacted by Sepideh Yousefzadeh (Assistant Professor Global Health […]

we’re going crazy for ww&ww

we are definitively going crazy for Witches Wizards & Wonderful Wands. Here some pictures from us wile playing. And, of course, in Rome you can not find the Daily Prophet. BUT… we have “il Piccione Magico” (Tha Magic Pigeon). Two full pages. But the best way to stay tuned is to visit the blog. HERE […]

Now forward…

“Cico Mendez. A very old friend of mine, very well used traveler of strange kinds of… dusty worlds. Let see if I manage to tell a story about his life. He has, for now, clearly left a good friend behind. With the silent agreement that they will find a way to rejoin… although, where they […]

A short Breack in Rome

“We decided, with the all family, to take a litle breack in Rome. As usual, the sky is nonsense blue even when it is raining, people worm, and the streets a battle field of holes.” Daddo

Si riparte, RESTART.

He .. e sarebbe il caso di ricominciare a ”volare” I just really miss the time I spent on my sketches. And there ara lots of projects that are just waiting to be pushed on.

Here we are

Here are Daddo’s works, passions, dreams. A 360′ panoramic view of Daddo’s word. You can find services provided, his experiences as artist, the way he works and the a calendar with past (and future) events Daddo attended (and will attend), a blog, galleries with sketches and his online shop to buy if interested. “Here I am, […]

This is going to be a challenge.

Just grabbed the graphic tablet. An immage poped out my mind, dirctly to the hand…. And leaves me the hard duty to complete the job.