Regolamento e componenti da scaricare in PDF

“Ho appena messo sulle varie pagine FB il posto in cui annuncio di aver messo a disposizione i pezzi per giocare a Sailing Star in versione P&P/P&P… vederemo il feedback.” Daddo

Another page for the website… althoght not the funniest: 27/01/’45

Many of my friends know my personal story. This is a very important bit of myself. The 27th of January, every year, is celebrated the Day of International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is an international memorial day that commemorates the victims of the Shoa, the genocide of European Jews by Nazi Germany between 1941 and […]

Teaching at University of Groningen (Campus Fryslân)

Daddo Teaching

This came as an absolute surprise. Some of you already know we moved to Groningen (NL) last August. Now… of course Netherlands has lots to offer., kind of 360° wide… but I could never imagine what has happened to me recently. Via my partner I have been contacted by Sepideh Yousefzadeh (Assistant Professor Global Health […]

we’re going crazy for ww&ww

we are definitively going crazy for Witches Wizards & Wonderful Wands. Here some pictures from us wile playing. And, of course, in Rome you can not find the Daily Prophet. BUT… we have “il Piccione Magico” (Tha Magic Pigeon). Two full pages. But the best way to stay tuned is to visit the blog. HERE […]

WW&WW is coming soon.

To compensate the disaster of the pandemic we are trying to keep our kids busy and faraway from the monitor. And here comes the crazy idea: we ended making the kids playing a role game in Hogwarts style. Sure: need to be invented. Well not entirely… not at all. I found something, tons of things. […]

I found it!!!!

“I can not tell how happy I am I found this folder. I lost track of it while moving from London. These are all the sketches I made for ”air” (yes yes… another of my endless projects). But in those sketchbooks there are l don’t know how many hours of drowning, wondering, exploring. And the […]

A short Breack in Rome

“We decided, with the all family, to take a litle breack in Rome. As usual, the sky is nonsense blue even when it is raining, people worm, and the streets a battle field of holes.” Daddo