The Jeffers

“In this new section are shown some sketches I made while ago. It was 2014/2015, and I  was often collaborating with a good friend mine in Italy: Chiara Graziani. Chiara is a Psychologist of young age children. For a while we tried to use the Jeffers, a strange kind of potato with seven legs, one […]

Endless support…..

“America’s Cup is going crazy in New Zealand. #LunaRossa is already in the legend. The Italian crew is doing an extraordinary work. Huge pressure. I can not really imagine how can be in the HQ..  But they are doing well and getting all the opportunities they can. These drawings are my personal encouragement to the […]

My support to #lunarossa is unconditioned and limitless

“Let me be crystal clear about this: my support to Luna Rossa is unconditioned, limitless and definitively PARTISAN.  I am not intended to be unsporting… BUT: I WISH WE WILL WIN AND I WOULD ACCEPT ANY HELP….clearly also unfair support from any form of goodness! (clearly, in these cases,  from Mediterranean Sea traditions). (a little […]

Teaching at University of Groningen (Campus Fryslân)

Daddo Teaching

This came as an absolute surprise. Some of you already know we moved to Groningen (NL) last August. Now… of course Netherlands has lots to offer., kind of 360° wide… but I could never imagine what has happened to me recently. Via my partner I have been contacted by Sepideh Yousefzadeh (Assistant Professor Global Health […]

Go #lunarossa GO!!!

“I can not believe but I am going crazy for Luna Rossa and the America’s Cup. Very crazy!  Now they entered the last round of regattas. The real America’s Cup. My way to be part of all of this is… SKETCHING (what else?) Here some them… Daddo “Eolo and Poseidon helping… are they? I made […]

we’re going crazy for ww&ww

we are definitively going crazy for Witches Wizards & Wonderful Wands. Here some pictures from us wile playing. And, of course, in Rome you can not find the Daily Prophet. BUT… we have “il Piccione Magico” (Tha Magic Pigeon). Two full pages. But the best way to stay tuned is to visit the blog. HERE […]

Just really need an escape!

Not much to add to the title. Drawing remains to me my personal window on other worlds. Where escaping does not imply necessarily a critic to my currant life. It is just an opportunity to explore: feelings, situations, relations between me and all the remaining… and I never know where it takes me. Daddo